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We are a full-service Electrical Contracting company in Pensacola, Florida. Our company Specializes in both residential and commercial projects. One of our well known specialties is working on older homes, updating existing electrical systems including removing and replacing aluminum wiring. Owner James E Simmons is the Vice President for the Escambia County Electrical Contractors Licensing Board. He is also a graduate of Pensacola State College and has spent 30 years mastering his trade in the electrical business.  At James E Simmons Electric, we strive to solve all your electrical needs in a timely manor while also providing excellent customer service. Our cost are competitive and affordable to ensure the services we provide our customers is of the highest quality. We consider our customers as family at JES Electric. Come be apart of our family today and we will be sure to take care of your needs with the highest of standards!


               REWIRE SPECIALIST                         
-Aluminum wiring replacement
-Alumiconn retrofit
-Service Upgrades
-Service Calls
-Add circuits
-Replace fuse panels
-New Construction

What We Provide For Our Clients:

At James E Simmons Electric, we have been in business since 1992. We strive to meet the wants and needs of our customers diligently to their satisfaction. With over 25+ Years Experience, we’ve specialized in Residential home upgrades labeling ourselves as the top rewiring specialists in the gulf coast. This includes Aluminum Wiring Replacement to bring a residence up to the National Electrical Code Standard. We also provide wiring for New Residential Construction, Generator Installs, and Service Maintenance. 

Our Company also specializes in Commercial Construction. Providing the same needs for Businesses, Developers, Builders and General Contractors large or small. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

A NOTE ABOUT Citizens Property Insurance Co. It has approved two acceptable alternative methods for ensuring aluminum branch wiring is not a fire hazard and is insurable.

-- AlumiConn: An aluminum-to-copper plug that's connected to existing aluminum wiring at each receptacle, providing a safer connection, according to King Innovation, manufacturer of the connector.

-- Copalum: This connector is considered an acceptable repair method by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Copalum permanently connects old technology aluminum wire to a short length of copper wire. The copper wire is then terminated to outlets, fixtures and appliances.

Rewiring is always the best and preferred method but we do offer pricing and services on removing and replacing the aluminum wiring in compliance with the 2014 National Electrical Code for new construction as well as AlumiConn retrofit.


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